Our Promise

Our Motto

At ADI School of Motoring our motto is to give “Quality Driving Lessons In Leixlip, Maynooth, Celbridge & Dublin.”. Our prices are also affordable. If you are paying more than €35 per hour for your EDT lessons, why not check out our prices.

Ex – Tester

Unlike most other Driving Schools, we have an Ex Driving Tester to guide you through the testing process. With 2000 tests under his belt he is well placed to help you pass first time!

Value for Money

Some Driving Schools give the impression that just because they charge you more for their lessons they are of a higher quality. However in many cases these higher fees are needed to cover the cost of their Staffing & Advertising budgets.


We will pick you up, drop you off and supply all of the equipment you need. Driving Lessons are available from 8am to 9pm Monday – Friday and 8am – 6pm on Saturday.

13 Years Experience

Not only has Brian been a Driving Tester, he has also worked as a Driving Instructor for 15 Years. So you know you can trust his knowledge and experience to help you all the way

Pre Test Offer

If you need our car  your Driving Test, and if you’ve already taken at least 5 Lessons with us, we won’t charge you a premium for the privilege. All you pay is €120 for a 1 hour pre-test beforehand and the use of the car for the test. The standard charge for the use of the car is €150 (inc. Pre-Test), so you are saving €30.